Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor Project - No Chest Strap!

Hi Everyone,

Paper scale component fit check - Watch Board
I'm pushing along on this personal project but I need your sleek industrial design help.  I call it Pulsar - a continuous heart rate monitor for iPhone and Android without a chest strap, and without having to touch a metal surface every so often... it continuously takes readings and charts them on a smartphone.  There are already apps available like CardioMapper.  The electronics are almost done, being manufactured.

Please let me know if you'd like to take part in this open hardware project.  Will need 3D sketches/design and need someone who has created high volume, low cost products like a watch.  It is a useful product and a great project to build on your portfolio.



  1. did you guys came up with a design for this device? cuz i just used it as a possible technology for my thesis

  2. Hi,

    our company planing to design same device,but we are going to use PS25251 sensor from plessey semiconductor. Remaining circuit will be like this. Could you please give me some details about this circuit?